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Our Materials


At MON FRERE, we are committed to using animal-free materials for all our products. We adamantly believe that reducing our reliance on animal materials will lead to a healthier and happier planet.

For our bags and accessories, we only use high-quality microfibre PU which closely matches the look, feel, quality, and durability of animal-based leather without the cruelty. Studies have shown that vegan leather has less than a third of the environmental impact of animal-based leather. While vegan leather can be made of multiple materials, including PVC, PU is also better for the environment due to its lower plastic and chemical content compared to PVC. 

Other materials that go into our products include:

  • Outer: Non-woven microfibre grade PU
  • Lining: Polyester
  • Zippers and metal finishings: Zinc Alloy

MON FRERE is committed to researching and implementing sustainable materials into our products. In the future, we will be experimenting with plant-based leathers such as apple leather, pineapple leather and mushroom leather to create the most sustainable and ethical products.

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